Chameleon 1.0 AA Hack

  • NoRecoil
  • NoBreathe
  • NoSpread
  • AutoReload (instant)
  • AutoFixjam (instant)
Visuals (PBSS detected):
  • WallHack
  • PlayerESP
  • PickupESP (slow, uses iterator)
This hack is for AAO 2.8.1 and DETECTED.

How to use:
1.) Run AAO and inject with a dll injector of your choice
2.) Toggle the menu with Insert and select the item of your choice with the up and down arrows, toggle an item with Enter / Return.

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2.8.1 Honor and Training Hack
July 9th 2007
Thread Link | Download Link

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Offset Logger (logs the PostRender, PreRender, Tick, and Key Event functions)